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Bypassing XOR encryption in mobile games with Game Guardian

In the last few months we noticed increased number of mobile games that uses some sort of encryption. Some of them are simple, like multiplying value with some random number (example: let’s say random number is 8 – in that case, 10 gold in our in-game inventory will be stored as 80 in memory). This simple kinds of encryption can’t...

game guardian tutorial

Game Guardian fuzzy search and dealing with encryption

Assuming that you learned lessons from previous Game Guardian tutorials [Game Guardian beginner tutorial] and [Game Guardian group search tutorial], today we will continue with our Game Guardian tutorial series. From this article, you will learn basics of Game Guardian fuzzy search. Article will have two main parts – using Game Guardian fuzzy search for finding unknown, unencrypted values, and...

game guardian tutorial

Game Guardian group search

In previous article from this series, we learned basics on how to use Game Guardian to change known values [LINK]. This method is useful when we are dealing with values that can be changed, so we can refine our search multiple times, until we find the right address. In many cases, you will need to find values that can’t be...