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C.A.T.S hack - C.A.T.S cheat

C.A.T.S. Game Guardian rocket madness

We have to admit that C.A.T.S. developers are simply amazing. They manage to patch the glitches as soon as they appear in public. Out first tutorial had really simple idea behind – change our health in combat, so out vehicle become almost invincible. [C.A.T.S. – cheating health with Game Guardian]. It was patched really fast. Next one had complicated background...

Valerian City of Alpha mod apk

Valerian City of Alpha hack

One of the most anticipated movies this year finally got official game. Luc Besson’s Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets got mobile game too. You probably already heard about it. After all, you are here for Valerian City of Alpha hack. But don’t mind us if we first introduce the game. Valerian: City of Alpha download “The official game...

C.A.T.S hack - C.A.T.S cheat

C.A.T.S. cheat – new method

We have already wrote something about C.A.T.S. cheat – in the previous article you have learned how to edit health and damage to gain advantage in the battle. If you haven’t read it, you can see full article on this link [CATS hack – Crash arena turbo stars cheating with Game Guardian]. It was fairly simple method, you just needed...