Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery unlimited energy

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11 Responses

  1. noobie says:

    I cant seem to install Gameguardian. Is there a way to do this with CheatEngine? sry im a noob

  2. Gii says:

    So, an issue. I’m in America, and I’ve played this game for the passed week normally. Now that I’m trying it with GG, I’m getting this error that I’m unable to play the game in my region. Could this be a way they stop anyone from hacking the game?

  3. Gii says:

    I’m having some problems with Parallel Space and this game. Even after trying to run Lucky Patch, I still get “Unable to Play Limited Beta. Any idea what’s up with that?

  4. Jes says:

    Can this be done on an iPhone?

  5. Devan says:

    Hey, it seems as if when I enter the values into CheatEngine, the first scan goes through, then after the second scan on the value in place, it goes to some random value that is constantly changing, not sure if I had done something wrong, but I can’t personally find a fix. I really just want to play this game, but I don’t have the money to buy the stupid “energy” crap WarnerBros. had the audacity to put in.

  6. Devan says:

    Everytime I find the value, the game crashes saying “Data Error”. This is presumably so WarnerBros. can keep scamming people, any fix yet found?

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