Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery – Gems and gold hack

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  1. Bookie says:

    Is the X8 value always 4 places below and gems 2 places below that? I think I managed to find the right gold address because I always end up with just one search item after refining the search. But when I change it and then change the line 4 places below, it does nothing. The line 4 places below the gold actually says “0D; 0.0F” before editing.
    I also noticed that the number which corresponds to my amount of gems is 2 places below gold (normal gold, not X8) rather than 6 places below.

    • Hi Bookie, there are actually two addresses which hold gold value – one is total gold, second is current gold. You should find total gold. Are you sure that you did Fuzzy search correctly? If yes, you should see this pattern – first value is unencrypted gold, two places (8 bytes away) is XOR key(you don’t need to edit this one), and two more places bellow (8 bytes away from XOR key) is encrypted gold.

      • Bookie says:

        I didn’t realize there were two addresses. I asked a roommate for help and he managed to do it, so I guess I was doing it wrong. Thank you for this tutorial as well as for your reply! Your work here is appreciated. 🙂

      • Andrew says:

        I’m sorry, maybe it’s a bit too late, but how can i find the total gold, i have the same problem as Bookie had, can u tell please how can i find total gold, i’m just kept trying and trying

  2. Zaga says:

    I think it’s because the app has been updated, but the gems value is actually two places below the gold value now, and I don’t really know where are the other values needed. Is there still a way of doing this?

    • Nope, there are two addresses which holds gold value – current gold and total gold. You will need to refine search until you find correct address. It will look something like this:
      address – GOLD value – edit this one
      address – unknow value
      address – XOR key (ie. -1,234,702,456) – don’t edit this one!!
      address – unknown value
      address – XORed gold value – edit this one into newvalueX8
      address – unknown
      address – GEMS value – edit this one
      address – unknow value
      address – XOR key (ie. -1,234,702,456) – don’t edit this one!!
      address – unknown value
      address – XORed gems value – edit this one into newvalueX8

      • Kris says:

        Not sure, but I believe the unknown values are there for compatibility with 64-bit arch and that the game is written in a 32-bit arch and thus only utilizes half of the memory space. Just a half-assed guess on my part, though. 😛

  3. M says:

    I’ve tried multiple times, but can’t seem to narrow it down properly at all.

  4. Bengo says:

    Thanks gamecheetah. Unlimited gems hack works like a charm but I am stuck w this one. I can narrow the values down and edit as shown above but nothing is encrypted into the game. I’m starting to think like Zaga.

  5. Aitha says:

    Not working can you update this method to latest version of game.

    Next to gold value i am getting gems value and cannot find XOR key and XORed value.

    Please update this method and thanks for sharing,

  6. me says:

    awsome tutorial works great. the actual value for the recent patch seems slightly higher than the actual value

  7. Matt says:

    Not working anymore.
    I can find the value for gold and two below is the value for gems.
    But I can’t find the XO Gold or Gems Value so it all reverts back to the original

  8. Lexxy says:

    This works great. I’ve been able to hack most values with the exception of house points. I can find the values of all 4 houses and change them but they just revert back to the original value when I look at the house points screen. Can anyone help out here?

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