GameGuardian tutorial – Shadow Fight 2 cheat

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19 Responses

  1. Scott Korb says:

    I need help. I have done exactly as explained to modify encrypted value but it just does not modify. Could someone please help me? Feel free to email me.

  2. Jane says:

    Hi, thanks for the tuts!
    Somehow i cannot decrease the amount of gems. I have more than 3 billions.
    How can i decrease it? Pardon me, i dont want other people know that im cheating.

  3. mody says:

    hi is there any chance that you could help me hack Pocket estimation for coins
    here is the link
    and thnx in advance

  4. Akshat says:

    My game crashes after changing the value. Help

  5. Mukul says:

    I need help. Ive done all steps as told many times but no results.No coins gained no me out.

  6. Coffee2Go says:

    Hello, my game crashes when i change my exp to 0 etc maximum, i tried changing it to something else aswell? The value that i always get that is the one is “-1,261,196,839”?

  7. Mela says:

    I feel like taking a shit give me a minute I’ll comment later😉😊😋

  8. sai vignesh says:


  9. alexandre says:

    how to dowload

  10. Shadow says:

    I have a problem , i doit al in the instruccions but the game crash (XP) can helpme un my problem?

  11. Kazmo says:

    Hi, are you guys still around? Can you help me hack Digimon Links?

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