Game Guardian tutorial – Basics

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  1. Asteeven says:

    Hello,i really want to hack some online games,which can be hacked.
    At first i want Blitz Brigade.
    I tryed to find the gold and the crystals value with all value types,but i coudnt.
    How to find their codes?

  2. flo says:

    Hi, Can you change real money values to 0?
    Like £13.99

  3. Calleb says:

    What if you can change the value, but it does not work. In shoop I see new value, I can buy expensive item, but this iteam do not show in inventory… If I do not freez the value, after buying something, the value goes automatically back to old value (before hack) minus purchase value…

  4. Shahid Ullah says:

    Game Gaurdian tutorial is awesome. Thumbs up for ur work

  5. dishanth shanker says:

    Can i hack subway surfers

  6. DiDo says:

    WTF, Why did you copy pasted from game guardian forums lemme report you and strike your google adsense .

  7. Nabiil says:

    Hey i dont know what is happening but the game that i want to hack is protected how do i fix it

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