C.A.T.S. Game Guardian rocket madness

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8 Responses

  1. Carmack says:

    Hello, i have a problem with cheatEngine & Bluestacks,
    When i put “1;7::9” in value, a error happend when i start scan :
    “Scan error:thread 0:1;7::9 is not a valid value”

    Any ideas ?

  2. Neil says:

    Any idea about values of other weapons/parts?

  3. Methwitch says:

    Very smart 😉

  4. QUESTION says:

    What bvaout other weapons?

  5. Zigg says:

    If you look up 2.5 you can find the lasers

    • Zigg says:

      Update* Open C.A.T.S. process on Game Guardian.
      Click on Known (exact) search – as value type put DOUBLE, and in value box write 2.5
      After the scan is finished, in value box put 2.5, and click on Refine
      After this step is done, you should have 5-50 values on the list. Click on edit all, and change them to 0.0002

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